Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Week Nine

As the people move into the Promised Land, God raises the stakes. The book of Joshua shows God giving unique battle strategies, holding people accountable in extreme ways, and paying attention to the minutiae as the Jews move into their new homeland.

What jumps out at you, and what questions do you have as we read the majority of this book?

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Week Eight

Leadership transition can be difficult. Especially if the leader in question did things like part the Red Sea and write the Bible. For God's plans to redeem and restore His creation, the transition we'll see this week is second in importance only to Jesus handing the torch to His disciples. I look forward to reading what you notice about the transition (and any other observations or questions about this week's readings).

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Week Seven

This week we continue our legal studies with Deuteronomy.  There are some cool battle stories mixed in with the legal stuff, so there's that.

As always with legal sections, one way to spice up the reading is to look for parallels between the law and Jesus. There are a lot of them. What parallels can you see? And always, feel free to post your questions and other observations.

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Week Six

You've heard some parts of the Bible are more difficult to read than others. For many people, the legal sections are among the most challenging. Well, this week is our first major introduction to the laws, ranging from the monumental sections like the Ten Commandments to the minuscule descriptions on how to make a priest's robe.

What questions jump out at you as you're reading this week? What cool things do you notice?

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Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Week 5 Thoughts

A couple thoughts on the early part of Exodus. And yes, at one point I say "Moses' had stolen God's firstborn" when I meant "Egypt had stolen God's firstborn."

Week Five

Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob are pretty famous. But this week we'll meet the guy who, aside from Jesus, is probably the best known person in the Bible. Say hello to Moses. And again, notice how the Bible isn't afraid to paint an unflattering portrait of him from time to time, even though he is the one who composed the book.

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Monday, January 16, 2017

Week Four

If you like good stories, you'll love this week. It might even be a good week to set aside a little extra time, grab a comfortable chair, and knock out a few days at once to really get into the flow. This is also a good chance to notice how the Bible tells the embarrassing parts of people's stories alongside the moments they were proud of.

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