Thursday, November 20, 2008

Reinvigorating "We Don’t Suck"

Okay, we’ve got a God-sized goal. How do we make sure we’re cooperating with God instead of interfering with Him?

Last time, we mentioned making room for more people by adding a Saturday Night Service and acquiring a portable classroom or two. But just adding space isn’t enough. Lots of churches have plenty of space but aren’t growing.

The obvious first thing on the list is Prayer. Nothing of eternal significance is accomplished apart from prayer—and what has more eternal significance than changing lives? If you’re not already praying for Spout Springs Church to reach more people, now would be a great time to start. And if you are praying, try praying a little more. God’s goals are only accomplished in God’s power.

Of course, God’s never going to bless us if we stray from His Vision. Our vision has never been just about just drawing a crowd. It’s about partnering with God to transform lives. And we do that by helping people Connect with God, with Others, and with the person God created them to be.

Encouraging people to be on the Path to Transformation is crucial. Family Support Teams, Connection Groups, and a positively CRAZY Spring Spiritual Growth Campaign are just some of the tools we need to use if we want a crowd of people becoming more like Jesus instead of just a crowd.

We need to start Preparing. Every ministry needs to analyze what it will take for their team to move toward the goal. We’ll need more First Impressions and Coffee & Crew members. More KidzWorship and Nursery workers. More people on the Tech Team, more Facilities Team people, more leaders in every area. And we’ll need a lot more musicians and singers. Three services a week means we’ll need to rotate in a lot more talented people in every area if we want to do the best we can every time.

Which brings us to one of our key Core Values: Quality. Or as one of our original members put it, “We don’t suck.” That means we have to do our best at everything—and then get better.

The easiest thing to let slide is quality. Jim Collins said, “Good is the enemy of Great.” It’s easy to stop at good enough instead of pushing to do our best. It’s easy to settle instead of strive. But in my experience, God blesses people who never consider “good enough” good enough. God gave His best for us. And how can we expect Him to bless anything other than our best in return?

Next Time: Moving Beyond Spout Springs, NC

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Bill&Karan said...

I feel our biggest problem is people don't know where the church is.We tell about Spout Springs and the 1st question is where is it.We say "between Foodlion and Cagles" we try to explain the road at the light go down the road.
In my opinion The quality and the Spirit is in our Church. If we need a wednesday night lets go for it. If we need to wait till there is standing room only lets go for it. All I know is we have a awesome Church. God will lead you Pastor Steve just let us know where we can help.