Friday, November 14, 2008

Where Do We Go From Here?

Note: Last Friday at our First Tuesday on Friday, I presented an aggressive goal for what I believe God wants for us at Spout Springs Church. Over the next few weeks, I’ll be laying out and expanding the ideas from that meeting.

Moving trucks. They’re everywhere.

Some moving people in, some moving people out.

And every one of them is either an ending or a beginning.

Trucks moving out are an ending. They carry the stuff of people who we no longer can touch for Jesus. If we didn’t reach them while they were here, we have to pray that at the next stop someone will introduce them to Christ.

Trucks moving in are a beginning. The beginning of our limited opportunity to be Jesus for these people. To introduce them to all the wonderful things Jesus wants to do in their lives.

Sometimes I’ve wondered if it’s possible we’ve reached enough people. That maybe we should just focus totally on developing the people who already attend Spout Springs Church, not worry about adding new people.

Then I see another moving truck.

So, a couple weeks ago, I was thinking and praying about what God’s done in our church so far, and what He might want to do in the future. And I made a mistake.
I asked Him.

I said, “God, if we’re not careful, we could get complacent where we are and we could just coast. But that wouldn’t be fulfilling what you placed us here to do. And we could just keep saying, ‘We want to reach people for You.’ But if we don’t put anything concrete on it, we can still get lackadaisical and just coast. So, God, would You want us to set a goal, and if so, what would it be?”

Now, it’s always dangerous to let God set your goals because He thinks in a totally different realm than you or me. We crave comfort. He desires faith.

And next blog I’ll tell you the totally uncomfortable goal He showed me.


Bill&Karan said...

Well Pastor Steve let me tell you about the truck that carried Bill and I to Spout Spring Church. None of us in our family went to church sure we talked about it. It took our son Billy's death for us to go to church God was calling ALL of us. So we started where we had Billy's sevice.
The preaching was good But something was missing. Michael and Shandalyn left 1st after a year going.
Bill and i tried to stay we wanted to be a part of the church.Well unless you were in the"group" all they wanted was for you to be there Sunday.
Bill and I looked for another church for years.
Then the "moving truck" pulled into Spout Spring parking lot. The 1st time we knew we found our new home. Our faith is in God our Lord Jesus and our Pastor and teacher we call Steve.
Thank you God Bless you God Bless us all

Kim said...

Don't count the trucks moving out as people that can no longer be reached. You never know what seeds were planted when they were there. Sometimes, seeds lay dormant for a long time before they flourish and grow.