Tuesday, December 30, 2008

What Can We Do About It?

According to the Bible's book of Malachi, God hates divorce. Well, after over a dozen years as a pastor, I’m coming around to His point of view. Divorce sucks.

Of course, I also hate screwed-up marriages and people forced to endure those affronts to His nature. (Marriage is intended to be a picture of Jesus’ relationship to His people, so a bad marriage isn’t just emotionally trying—it’s a form of blasphemy.)

Strong words, I know. But I’m ticked.

I just found out a college buddy is getting a divorce. One of my family members has the kind of marriage that makes my stomach hurt. And who knows how many of the marriages in our church are in trouble? (I’m sure it’s way more than I know about.)

Good marriages aren’t rocket science. Challenging, yes. Complicated, no.

But with each successive generation of people who learn about relationships by watching their parents’ broken marriages, good marriages get more and more difficult to find.

So, what’s the church to do? How can we do a better job training people to have successful marriages? (I know they’re possible—I’m in one.)

Your ideas would be appreciated because I’m pretty sure one sermon series a year isn’t cutting it.


Ruthie said...

I have been married 35 years. Has it always been easy? No. Has it been a fairy tale experience? No.
One thing we promised each other from our wedding day was that the "D" word would never be mentioned in our home. It was not an option. We determined from Day ONe this was going to work - and work it has been many days.
I think today's "quick fix", "throwaway" attitude is one of the biggest obstacles to successful marriages. If it does not work out, we will get a divorce. No one wants to take the time it needs to love the way Jesus loves, to submit ourselves to one another in love, to serve each other unselfishly. Jesus gives us all the answers to a good, lasting marriage. He makes it possible. But most people just want an easy way out.

Mari and the girls said...

I think the series on marriage a while back was great. Maybe a marriage conference? Or class?

Mari Higerd