Friday, January 16, 2009

Community, 21st Century Style

Why are we working so hard to plug into online communities like Facebook and Twitter and Blogs (Oh My)? Because more and more people are already in those communities.

On Sunday, I said Hi to Jennifer as I walked past. It was one of her first weeks here, but she'd joined the SSC Facebook Group weeks ago (before attending SSC) and had become my Facebook "friend" on Saturday. Her first week here she was already part of our community--while many people have been here for months and still feel like outsiders.

Sure, we have (and will continue to have) multiple opportunites for people to connect, from Family Support Teams to Connection Groups to Ministry Teams. But don't discount the value of online community. Joining the church Facebook Group or following me on Twitter are probably the two fasted ways to really connect at Spout Springs Church.

And in 2009 we'll be looking for ways to enhance online community, not replace it.

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