Tuesday, January 20, 2009

President Obama

I watched some of the Inauguration and coverage afterward. And I don't care whether you agree with the man politically or not, if you didn't feel at least a little bit good about America, something might be wrong.

When I was born (as Obama alluded in his speech), Obama's father wouldn't have been able to order lunch at some lunch counters in DC. How incredible is it that, in basically half of a lifetime, our country has moved to the point where is not just a possibility but a reality that a black man could be President?

There are a lot of things wrong with the United States, and I doubt any one man can do a lot to fix it. And I'm sure partisan, selfish, misguided politics--from both sides--will resume their dominant position soon, probably before the day is out. And I'm not naive enough to believe the new President won't be in the middle of it.

But for a moment, when a black man took the oath of office in the very mall where slaves used to be sold, it felt really good to be an American.

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josie said...

i am sharing this. thanks. i am so tired of all the evil words people are speaking.

take that hate and pray for the man who is leading our country!