Thursday, January 8, 2009

Why So Many Stars?

I’ve been getting the question a lot recently. Why so many stars?

I mean, there are stars we can’t see with the strongest telescopes on earth. Stars hiding behind stars, so that we’re still learning about the design of our own galaxy. Entire galaxies of stars (that would be millions) that are merely pin pricks against the blackness when viewed by the orbiting Hubble Telescope. There are probably galaxies whose light won’t reach earth before Jesus sets up His final Kingdom—even if He doesn’t kick off the process for another thousand years or so.

And the question is, Why? Why did God make all those stars?

For a long time, my primary response was, “He was just showing off, helping us get a glimpse of His power and glory.” If He could make all those stars, how big does He have to be? (Pretty big, huh?)

Then today I was reading Psalm 8 and found out I was missing it by a little bit.

When I look at the night sky and see the work of your fingers— the moon and the stars you have set in place—what are mortals that you should think of us, mere humans that you should care for us? For you made us only a little lower than God, and you crowned us with glory and honor. Psalm 8:3-5 NLT

Don’t know how many times I’d read that but didn’t catch it.

It’s not that I was totally wrong. God did make all those stars to show off how great He is, but there was an even higher purpose. He did it so we’d be left speechless by the fact that a God that great loves us. We’re so tiny when compared to His creation—but God has placed us in charge of that creation.

So next time you’re checking out a starry sky, realize the stars are sending you a message, a message you could use to rewrite a famous children’s song:

Jesus loves me, this I know, for the night sky tells me so.


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