Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Get Off Your Butt

There are a few expressions I use repeatedly in our weekend teaching and I thought it might be cool to take a few blogs to look at some of them. Of course, “We’re all screwed up” is the most famous, but I wanted to start with one of my other favorites: “Get off your butt.”

I know, it’s not typical pastor-speak, but a) I’m not your typical pastor and 2) some things are so important I want to be sure everyone is paying attention. Too often we think serving is an optional part of following Jesus. But “Get off your butt” is a none-too-subtle reminder that you can’t follow someone while sitting still.

There are three reasons the message behind “Get off your butt” is so crucial that I’m willing to offend a few people to get it across.

1) It’s what you were made for. The Bible is very clear that we were created to serve God. If we avoid service, we are avoiding the thing that will bring us the greatest fulfillment in life.

2) The Church relies on it. Like every church, Spout Springs is a volunteer organization. A church our size relies on a handful of paid staff to lead the entire church. But it takes over ninety volunteers a month just to run our KidzWorship ministry. Volunteers make the church run. Matter of fact, the Bible teaches that the purpose of the paid staff is to equip the volunteers to get the real ministry stuff done.

3) It’s our chance to change the world. Some of our church people have very important jobs, some not-so-important. But no job is as important as our opportunity to redirect people’s eternity, to help them lead the full life Jesus has for them, and to advance God’s cause of justice and mercy on the earth.

How important is serving? Well, Pastor Rick thinks we should quit using the word volunteer, since once we sign up to follow Jesus, serving isn’t really optional. Don’t think I’m quite ready to abandon the term, but I’ll probably never quit challenging people to get off their butts.

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