Wednesday, June 3, 2009

I Only Do Three Things

Looking at another one of our catch phrases at SSC, this time, it’s one you may not have heard—-unless you’re part of the Sunday morning setup crew. Then you hear it almost every week: “I only do three things on Sunday. I unlock the back door, I turn on the Coffee Shop ‘Open’ light, and I preach.”

I unlock the back door because everyone comes in the front and it often gets forgotten (though someone has beaten me to it the past couple weeks). I turn on the Coffee Shop ‘Open’ light because the people working in the shop are too busy to notice it (and they can’t see it anyway). And I preach because, well, that’s what I do.

But why keep saying it? Well, there are three things I’m communicating each time I repeat it.

Keep your work load manageable. Too often we let one or two people try to do everything. But we’re all better off if everyone has a small number of tasks—and does them very well—instead of doing lots of things poorly.

Stay in your lane. Do your job and let other people do theirs. When we step into someone else’s lane we discourage them. Do someone else’s job too often and pretty soon it’s your job—and they may stop doing anything.

Every job is important. Preaching gets people’s attention. But that Coffee light is important, as is the work of the people under the light, and the greeters at the door, and the nursery workers, and the, well, you get the picture. “I only do three things” highlights the fact that every other thing that gets done on Sunday morning (or Saturday evening) is done by someone other than me, and usually by a volunteer.

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