Wednesday, August 19, 2009

No Exceptions

It may be the most dangerous word for a Follower of Jesus.


Solomon loved the Lord and followed all the instructions of his father, David, except…”*

It doesn’t take an English teacher to know “all, except” isn’t “all”. And ignoring some of God’s teaching meant Solomon’s kingdom was going to completely fall. **

Of course, the real question isn’t about Solomon, it’s about me. What’s my ‘except’?
Am I following all of Jesus’ teaching as best I can, or are there one or two things (little things?) that I’m doing even though I know I shouldn’t? Or not doing even though I know I should?

Well, while it may not bring down a kingdom, it will hinder my relationship with God and limit my ability to serve Him. And if I want to be a fully committed follower of Jesus, I have to follow Him fully.

No exceptions.

* 1 Kings 3:3
** After his death, but it still fell.

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carolynndavis said...

I know the importance of your message. And with prayer and spending time in the Word I keep my spirit man alert to the 'excepts'. But the enemy is very deceptive and with a little bit of truth he can make a lie look good. I am seeing messages that the Bible has errors in it. And this lie is presented with information that is often accepted by people because these individuals have many degrees. Sometimes they have a charismatic way of speaking, or they are people in authority and command respect. I believe the 'except' you speak of so clearly speaks to Jesus' concern that in these days we would be deceived. I am thankful that the Lord puts a 'check' in my heart to either verify what I am hearing and/or reject and rebuke it. What is most difficult is to watch others who follow Christ, people I love being deceived by these lies and I have concerns as to how to approach them without offending them. As I write this the Lord is saying to me "if you love Me and the ones you care about you must speak up with love--and be ready in season and out". I am convicted to not allow 'except' prevent me from speaking up!