Thursday, October 29, 2009


I rarely blog about a new teaching series, but I’m totally cranked about this one.

And I’m sure it’s not what you’re expecting.

For the next few weeks we’ll be looking at one of the strangest books in the Bible, Ezekiel. It’s a book filled with four-faced creatures, wheels with eyes, dry bones coming to life, rivers sprouting up from nothing. And most importantly, it’s a book about finding hope in seemingly hopeless situations.

In a world that considers faith to be foolishness—and those who live by faith to be fools—it’s a book that meets us where we are. But just like God always does, it doesn’t leave us there. It lifts us to new heights, new visions, new callings. New hopes.

We’ll start this weekend and you don’t want to miss a single message. You can get a head start by reading the first two chapters of Ezekiel—in all its weirdness.

Then get ready for a great ride through a very strange book.

I can’t wait to get started.


erin said...

excited for this study!

RJ said...

I'm looking forward to it Steve.