Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Vision 2 Reality

Every strength has a corresponding weakness (or two). One of my biggest strengths is my ability to dream and see the long-term big picture. The corresponding weakness is that I have a lot of trouble translating that vision into concrete “next steps.”

That’s why we’re hosting a Vision 2 Reality Conference this weekend.

The conference will start with me outlining the vision for what we believe God wants to do in and through Spout Springs Church over the next few years. Hundreds of lives transformed, new sites planted, incredible new opportunities, and a Family Enrichment Ministry (which I’ll outline for the first time on Friday evening) that is going to blow you away—and I believe save countless marriages.

Then we’ll learn how to move from that vision to the steps we need to take to turn the vision into reality.

Along the way we’ll help people decide what is the best way for them to serve, work to develop strong ministry teams, and even discuss the challenges we’ll face along the way.

The whole thing will be led by Bud Wrenn, who literally wrote the book on church planning. At its release, Innovative Planning: Your Church in 4D was the number one book at Amazon.com in the area of church leadership. (Rick Warren wrote the forward.) And yes, we will have the book available at almost 50% off.

We’ll start with dinner at 6 on Friday, with the conference running from 6:30 to 9, then 8:30 to 12:30 on Saturday.

The good news is that it’s not too late to sign up. But don’t wait too long. We’ve only got room for about a dozen more adults. Just email office@spoutspringschurch.com with the number of people from your family who will be attending. (Childcare both days as well as supper on Friday and breakfast on Saturday are provided.)

Hope to see you there.

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josie said...

emailed the office to get in last night. so excited to see what God has in store!