Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Organized Chaos 2

Last week, I wrote about the importance of structure and organization in advancing God’s Kingdom, concluding by saying, “That’s why 2010 is really going to be about tightening our focus and building our organizational structure so we’re more ready than ever to do what God is calling us to do.” (To read the complete blog post, click here.)

And of course, the organized people followed up the blog with an extremely annoying question: How?

I guess maybe I could lead the organizational charge—as soon as I figure out a way to ditch the title “The King of Chaos.”

Or in their spare time, the existing staff could take up the challenge. (That loud noise you heard was Nancy crashing into her desk as she fell over laughing at the thought of “spare time.”)

We could hire a staff person to tackle our organizational challenges. (And that noise was coffee shooting out of JJ’s nose as he tried to figure out where in the budget we’d find the money for that.)

Maybe we could locate all the naturally organized people we already have and sic them on the problem. Except, of course, that we tried that. We found some of the organizers—but we weren’t even structured well enough to get them, well, organized.

So, what’s left? How about a consultant? A highly trained, experienced person with years of experience, who we could never afford to hire for real, but who would agree to help us out for about a third what he charges his corporate clients.

Now that’s an answer we can live with. And so, starting early next year, Bud Wrenn (who led our highly successful Vision2Reality conference) will be coming down about three times a month to help guide our church from disorganized chaos to, well, organized chaos. (The man’s not a miracle worker).

Will it take a lot of our time and focus? Yes. Will it be expensive? A little.

But not nearly as expensive as missing out on the opportunities God has for us because we weren’t organized enough to respond to them.

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