Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Organized Chaos

Church Math. That’s the title Tony Morgan gave a recent blog post. And one of his computations really caught my eye:

“fewer constraints = less creativity”

At first a few people (including me) thought he’d typed it wrong. “You mean ‘more constraints = less creativity’.” But Tony insisted that he meant what he typed.

I could think of two reasons he might have said it.

One, when people have limited resources they are forced to be more creative. Our church has been a poster child for that truth.

Another reason, though, is that creativity needs constraints. I’ve said since we started the church that the only way for us to succeed is for the King of Chaos (that’d be me) to surround himself with organized people.

But we don’t just need organized people; we need organization. We need structure.

Structure enables people to plug into ministries easily, get trained, and feel confident they are being productive and helping advance God’s Kingdom.

Structure enables people to focus on tasks (including creative tasks) with fewer distractions.

Structure allows people to work toward a destination instead of worrying about what the destination is (or if it even exists).

Structure lets people work at ministries knowing that that when an assignment is completed, someone else is ready to build on what been done instead of tearing it down because it was the wrong assignment in the first place.

Structure gives people the great assurance that what they’re doing is a key component in the process of doing great things for God.

That’s why 2010 is really going to be about tightening our focus and building our organizational structure so we’re more ready than ever to do what God is calling us to do.

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