Thursday, December 31, 2009

What Did You Think of My Book?

A few years ago, one of my favorite professors gave me a signed copy of his new book. Yesterday, I finally pulled it off the shelf and started reading.

Which could potentially save me from an extremely embarrassing situation. I mean, what if I had run into my prof during the time between him sending me the book and now? What could have been one of his first questions to me: “What did you think of my book?”

“Um, er, gulp, mmmmm….”

Of course, I’m only pulling it out now because it deals specifically with a topic I’ll be teaching about in February (Prophecy, in case you’re curious).

Now here’s the thing. How would you feel if you get to Heaven and run into Malachi. “What did you think of my book?” He asks.

“Um, er, gulp, mmmmm…” you reply.

Or, even worse, you’re talking with God. “What did you think of that book I gave you? The one I inspired so you’d know Me better and be better equipped to live in the universe I created?”

“Um, er, gulp, mmmmm…”

Don’t you think, if you’ve never read The Book--all of it, front to back--2010 would be a good year to finally pull the whole thing off the shelf and get to reading?

I mean, “Um, er, gulp, mmmmm…” isn’t an answer any author wants to hear—especially not the Author.

If you’re ready to start, there are a number of great reading plans here, here, and here. Or, if you want a plan on paper instead of online, we have a plan I developed available on the info table at church (and if you live out of the area, let me know and I'll email it to you).

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Jennifer said...

This blog is a real thought provoker. I don't want to finally get to speak with God, and not be able to authenticlly answer any of His questions.