Friday, January 8, 2010

A Couple Quick Things

This is a letter I sent out this morning. Wanted to put it on the blog, too, to make as many people aware (and able to give feedback) as possible.

As we dig out from last night's massive snowfall (anybody seen my shovel?), I thought I'd shoot you a quick update on a couple of things, specifically, Baptism this Sunday and adding a Third Service.

Sunday Baptism

This Sunday we are going to do a baptism immediately after the 11:15 service. Now, if you've been putting it off for whatever reason, here's your chance to get the new decade off to a great start.

Just bring a change of clothes (I don't think you want to drive home wet) and a couple towels. You can either change right after the service, or wear what you want to be baptized in and change afterward. (And if you come to the 9:30, and just can't make it back after the 11:15, we could probably squeeze in a couple baptisms between services.)

If you can get there a little early or email us to let Pastor Rick know your intentions, that would be great. And if you could write out a brief description of your spiritual journey and either bring it or email it ahead of time, that would be great, too.

See you then. And praying a bunch of people are ready to announce their intentions to follow Christ this year.

Third Service

We had to cancel the Saturday service for a number of reasons, but as attendance last week showed, we're going to need to add a third service at a different time sometime pretty soon (probably by March). Here are three options:

1. Add a 1:00 p.m. service to the existing schedule.

2. Redo the entire schedule with services at 8:30, 10:15 and 12:00.

3. Add a 5:00 p.m. service on Sunday. If we did this, we'd probably shorten it to an hour and give it a younger feel, maybe with more youth in the worship team. It would still be for adults and use the same sermon, but have a slightly different flavor overall.

We would love to hear your opinions, but especially if one of these is likely to get you to move from 11:15, either out of preference or a desire to help us reach more people for Jesus.

Thanks for everything you do to help make SSC such a special place!


erin b said...

i think a 5pm service would be an asset, but take my opinion lightly. i liked the saturday service :)

stefanie b said...

option 1 - 1pm, however there are alot of 101, 201, etc classes afterwards - and when would you get a break and have lunch? Mt. Dew can't sustain you that long, can it? I was a fan of the Saturday service :)