Friday, January 15, 2010

Haiti Response

If you’re like most people, the news and images come from Haiti are hard to even comprehend. And for most, there is a sense of frustration and a nagging question, “What can I do?”

For most of us, going isn’t option, but giving is. Because of our connection with WorldVision, Kim and I were able to make a donation to an established group which already had people on the ground in Haiti.

A couple other groups to consider would be Water Missions International, who provides clean water, a key need, and Baptist Global Response who are trained specialists in going into situations like this one and getting things done. (And yes, those are links you can click on to contribute online).

But we also want to give as a church. We have a budget fund designed for this type of thing, and we'll be giving from that. But a disaster of this magnitude calls for an even bigger response, so this Sunday 10% of our entire collection will be given to Haiti relief (in addition to the 10% we normally give to ministries outside our local congregation).

Of course, money isn’t going to solve the problems in Haiti. Those are God-sized problems. Thankfully, we have access to a God-sized God who hears our prayers. I encourage you to pray for the people, the government, the infrastructure of Haiti, as well as the foreign workers on the ground.

Because the God I serve likes to take impossible situations and do amazing things.

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