Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Should We Start Worrying Yet?

I’m not an alarmist. But I try to keep my head out of the sand (and in the Bible) at the same time. And when I saw this video from Jon Stewart’s Daily Show, I wondered: Should we start worrying yet? (Content warning: Bleeped & *'d profanity.)

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Now, first off, it’s funny stuff. I LOL’d all over the place. And, I’m not opposed to making fun of Christians. We often deserve it.

My problem isn’t the humor, it’s the attitude. When did suggesting that Christianity is the best religion move from being an idea to be challenged to an attitude worthy of ridicule? (Listen to the audience’s response to Brit Hume’s statement.)

At what point will we have we moved from making fun of religion to mocking God (the One the Bible says will not be mocked)? At what point do we start worrying about our nation?

Now, I’m not going to blame the next natural (or manmade) disaster on the wrath of God. But when our culture openly mocks anyone who dares say Christ is worth following, I am going to wonder how long we’ll be able to sing “God Bless America” with a straight face.

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