Wednesday, March 31, 2010

All About the Threads

Saw a shirt last night I really liked—except for the $100 price tag. (It's not nearly as garish as the photo makes it look.)

Hard for me to think of a shirt being worth that much. I mean, thread is thread.

Except in one case.

In Exodus God has an Israelite craftsman make some special thread. He does it by beating out a flat sheet of pure gold, then carefully cutting out the threads, one at a time. (Exodus 39:3)

Special thread. Only used for special things. Most of the time, it’s more strategic than structural, the embroider on a priest’s garment or the detail on his sash.

But toward the end of Exodus, we discover its primary purpose. It is braided together into two cords and the cords are used for a single function—they hold the breastpiece, symbolic of the people of Israel, next to the heart of the priest (who is God’s representative).

I hope you caught that. God values his relationship with his people so highly, that the only appropriate symbol for the connection is a rope of pure gold. Wow.

As Easter approaches, often I get so caught up in God’s desire to reach new people, I forget just how much He loves us “old-timers.” How crazy He is about me.

Leave it to Him to use an overpriced shirt and a priceless thread to remind me.

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@ladybugcope said...

Glad you clarified that it wasn't as "blingy" as it appeared to be from the pic! I honestly saw it and thought that it was a very nice shirt but thought to myself that it was a little "Steve has left the building!" If ya catch my drift! Lol! Looking forward to see your much cheaper, equally as nice shirt on Easter!