Wednesday, March 24, 2010

LifeSprings WV Update

Thought I'd bring in a guest blogger this week, Chris Flynn. Chris announced his call to ministry this past summer--and within a few weeks his company moved him and his wife Alicia to one of our LifeSprings church planting target areas. (God is so cool.)

Anyway, here's his latest update:

Pastor Steve,

I have a new development here in WV that I have to share with you. We visited a church on Saturday night in Cheat Lake with the co-worker that I told you about and my project manager. I was a little hesitant about inviting my boss, but felt led to do so. It turns out he has been attending this same church for several weeks. We all went to dinner afterwards and had an awesome, open conversation about our backgrounds and genuine faith in Christ.

My boss told me that the PM for our electrical subcontractor is a pastor. This blew my mind because on Friday he and I had discussions about finding a place to live in my neighborhood! I caught up with him today and told him that I attend Liberty and gave him a little background on my story. He is currently attending and working with a church similar to ours in Cheat Lake. He has just moved to the area from Colorado. He describes himself as a bit of church developer and has a great deal of experience in building churches, both physically and spiritually. He is well versed in construction and disciplining people to achieve their full potential. The church in Cheat Lake is the 4th Calvary church that he has worked with.

All of this is nearly unbelievable to me as I watch God continue to bring people into my life with the same mindset and heart for Christ that Alicia and I share. My co-worker, boss, and now electrical subcontractor (he is full-time here onsite) are all a part of the glorious plan that God has for WV and is revealing to us one step at a time. These are all people that are passionately in love with Jesus and I continue to be amazed at how God is surrounding us with them. I don't know what's next, but I will be sure to let you know as God continues to reveal his plan in his time.

In Christ,

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