Tuesday, March 16, 2010

The Problem with Foxholes

Foxholes get a bad rap. People talk about how dangerous it is in foxholes.

Not totally true. See, the reason soldiers dig foxholes is because it’s safer in the foxhole than out of it.

In the foxhole you can keep your head down, lay low and be (relatively) safe.

Danger comes when you stick your head out of the foxhole or leave the foxhole to advance on the enemy’s position. Sticking your head out gets the enemy’s attention, potentially drawing his fire. Climbing out of the foxhole always gets his attention and always draws fire.

Which brings us to Easter. (What, you thought I was talking military strategy?)

Easter is one of the times each year that churches like ours don’t just stick our heads out of our foxholes, we blatantly attack the enemy’s positions. In our case we do TV ads and road signs and t-shirts and hold multiple services and do whatever it takes to tell lost, frustrated people that there is a God who cares deeply for screwed-up people like them—and us.

And when we do that, we can count on upsetting the enemy.

But he rarely attacks the entire group. He tries to pick us off one at a time with weapons we may not expect. Frustrations and annoyances. Temptations. Obstacles.

And his biggest weapon of all, misdirection. Getting us to focus on the sacrifices we’re having to make instead of the lives God’s wanting to touch.

So, if you’re planning to go all out for God these next few weeks, expect problems. Annoyances. Challenges.

And as much as possible, consider them good things.

‘Cause the devil wouldn’t be firing at you if you weren’t ticking him off by getting out of your foxhole.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks Pastor, I appreciate your new blog. I would like to think that this is not just something that happens because of the celebration of Jesus' Resurrection, but any day or any time the Church takes a stand for Christ. In these times I believe that is everyday for all of us who love the Lord. The enemy is striking without letup and we need to hear messages like yours regularly as you have been doing here and at church. Thanks so much! Carolynn Davis