Wednesday, March 10, 2010


It may be the most annoying word out there.

It wraps “I don’t care” in a parka of condescension and adds a dollop of “Don’t waste my time.”

All in one word.


There’s a big problem when the word is aimed at things we should care about. Hurting people. Lost people. Okay, almost anything to do with people.

There’s an even bigger problem when you realize that we were created to care. Whatever isn’t just a denial of value toward others; it’s a denial of our own purpose.

And it’s just flat sad when we realize that it’s almost halfway to its own solution. All we have to do is add two words.

What am I willing to do to help people? Whatever it takes.

What will I do to make sure people hear about Jesus? Whatever it takes.

What am I willing to give up? Whatever it takes.

Is it worth giving a portion of my income, maybe even ten percent? If that’s what it takes.

Is it worth going to a different service (say 5:30) instead of the most comfortable one for me? If that’s what it takes.

Is it worth showing up a little early, volunteering for a ministry, using my talents for God, or asking my friends or co-workers to church? If that’s what it takes.

Funny how a couple words can make all the difference between living up to our purpose—or watching others fail to find theirs.

And is your response Whatever or Whatever it takes?

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Rob_T said...

Great play on the words and great observation. I am very glad a I took a moment and read this. - Rob