Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Reflecting on Easter

We had a huge Easter Sunday. I mean HUGE. So what should we do now? Well, at the risk of alienating the anti-alliteration crowd, here are four suggestions gleaned at least somewhat from what the Israelites did after their big day crossing the Jordan River.

1. Savor (Josh 4:1-7)
Take time to enjoy the victory. Remember where we’ve come from and stand amazed at what God’s accomplished—and enjoy that He did it through us. (In case you forgot, not quite four years ago our church launched with 90 people. This weekend we had 1076. And if you can’t celebrate about a dozen people accepting Jesus, you need a joy checkup.)

2. Study (4:21-24)
Big wins offer big lessons. How did our systems hold up with the influx of people? (Quite well, it seems.) Where do we need to focus our attention as 1000 goes from a big Sunday to a normal one?

3. Seek God (5:13-15)
This weekend didn’t happen because we are the coolest church (or the uncoolest), have the best band, the best preacher, the best systems (because we certainly don’t have either of the last two), or even the most sincerely committed people . This weekend happened because we’ve created a place where God can change lives—and He shows up every week. If we lose touch with Him, it won’t matter how well we do the other stuff. (Here’s a good blog on the subject.)

4. Soar
For most people, crossing a flood-swollen river on dry ground would have been the high point of their lives. Not for the Israelites in the book of Joshua. For them it wasn’t even the top event for the month. Jericho was in sight.
And while I don’t know what God has in store for us in the future, here’s the text message I got from a local pastor (Michael Fletcher of Manna Church) who works with a lot of churches:
"1000! BIG day! Huge milestone. When that happens, something happens in the church and its leader. Can't explain what, but once you touch it, touching it again and then crossing it becomes a lot easier.
"Get ready."

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