Saturday, July 24, 2010

The Moving Blog--and a New One

Realized recently that I moved the blog and never told anyone here. And now I've added a second blog.

The original blog has transmorphed into both my thoughts and stuff I find interesting enough to repost. It's called "If You Think About It..." and can be found on Posterous.

The second is an evolution of the last blog I posted here. I'm working on a book I think I'll call "In Your Own Handwriting." In the process of development, I've created a website with a blog and forum called "My Own Handwriting." It's here.

By the way, if you never made it to the other sites, you haven't missed a lot. I've been busy, on vacation, and sick a lot recently so most of the Posterous posts are me reposting things I found interesting. And has been up a grand total of two days--and I just posted the first blog. Things should be picking up on both soon, though.

So come on over to one or both. The more the merrier.

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