Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Too Late To Reach Them?

The statistic is omnipresent. 85% of believers accept Jesus before their 18th birthday. So if you don’t reach someone for Jesus by the time they are 18, there’s an 85% chance you never will.

That statistic always seemed wrong to me. It always seemed like people came to Christ at all ages.

Turns out my feeling was on the mark.

The 85% statistic is right—but according to Mike Fleischmann, only for people who grew up in homes where “both parents were Christians with either a high or moderate level of spiritual activity.” For other people, the statistics are far different. Less than a third of Christians in this group accepted Jesus before their 18th birthday. The majority (57%) come to faith between 21 and 50. Which, if my math is right, leaves a significant enough percentage to mean we can keep reaching people for Jesus throughout their lives.

Of course the question is, how?

Well, I think that’s a subject worth saving for the next blog (or two).

(And if you don’t feel like being patient, you can read the article I’m quoting from here. It’s long, but well worth reading.)

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