Monday, November 22, 2010


Don't know if you've noticed, but I've been preaching from an iPad the past couple weeks. And if so, you may be wondering why.

Well, the primary reason is because it's way cool.

I don't mean it makes me look cool. No device is that powerful. Plus I try my best to keep it from being obvious.

What I mean is, it's the coolest device I've seen for speaking notes. The size is great, I can just scroll down as I go, and if I want to change something between services, it's just a touch and a few taps away. No reprinting my notes then rubber banding them in the pages of my Bible. Or scrawling them in the margins and hoping I can read my handwriting later.

My only concern was, well, aren't you supposed to carry a Bible when you preach?

That one had me for awhile. But then I remembered I've been using electronic Bibles for almost all my reading for over a year. When I go into my reading room to spend private time with God each day, what I use is a smart phone or a Kindle or an iPad. I'm even journaling electronically now using the iPad and Evernote.

So, preaching from the iPad seemed like the logical next step.

But what do you think? Is preaching from an electronic device obvious or blasphemous?


dsrowles said...

I think it is great. I just wish I had one to follow along on! Now Peggy, maybe not so much!

I try to go back through your message and pull the scriptures into my notes for future reference.

Keep up the good work.

Mrs. B said...

I've noticed, but am not offended by it. It's not like you're altering the Word of God by reading it using a different format than printed paper. We can all follow along in our own Bibles (or in the church's provided Bibles) to see that for ourselves.

I have found it helpful to use technology in my study of the Bible. I'm still way behind the curve (no data plan, no e-readers, etc.), but I love to use to compare translations or to hold different passages side by side when cross-referencing.

For me it all boils down to: are you preaching the Word of God? Yes, you are. It shouldn't matter if your notes are handwritten, typed or on an e-reader...what should matter is that you keep scripture intact.

Steve Davis said...

Thanks. Realized long ago that what I say has no value if I'm not reflecting Scripture.

Tomuchonhermind said...

I have also Noticed ,But see nothing wrong with it. As long as the message is getting out to everyone what does it matter where your reading it from.The word of God is on our phones, bibles, Ipads etc. Your not adding, changing or altering anything just delivering the messaging in a easier form.

It's the new age of the century!

Keep up the great work!