Thursday, August 14, 2014

Sam Hairston and Robin Williams

I usually stay pretty upbeat of Facebook, not because my life is perfect but because I think people have enough burdens without trying to help carry mine.

 But today I'm sad. My newsfeed is dominated by two stories, the untimely, tragic death of a friend, and the untimely, tragic death of a man I never met.

 Ironically, I'm sad about both for the same reason. They both made me smile. Robin Williams brought me joy from the first time I saw him playing Mork from Ork, all the way to the clips I keep finding on my newsfeed today. Sam made me smile because of his infectious joy and strong faith, and the way his wife's eyes lit up when she talked about him.

Hopefully, my ending will be different from both men, but I won't mind if my legacy shares this in common with what people are saying about both of them: He made people smile.

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