Monday, December 8, 2014

Bible Reading Plan

Yesterday I mentioned a Bible reading plan I developed, and I believe I promised to post it on my blog. Well, here it is.

The plan has two features I think are unique. First, it is designed to help you maintain momentum. Some parts of the Bible are easier to read than others, and some parts demand more knowledge than others. This plan is designed to spread out the more difficult sections, as well as introducing the more basic concepts before asking you to dig into the heavier topics.

Second, to help you get more from what you're reading, I've written brief introductions to each book (and in some cases introductions to major sections of a book or two). Warning. Some of the introductions are less pious than you might be expecting.

If the plan sounds intriguing, just click on this link to get started.

First Time Through Reading Plan Link.

Clicking this link will open a new page, that has a box like this on it.

To open the plan in your browser (Chrome, IE, Firefox, etc.), click on this button on that page.

If you always want to access the plan from your browser, just save the link and you're set. But it works better to either save or print your own copy. Once you've opened the plan in your browser, if you put your mouse in the lower right hand corner, this little box will magically appear. The two buttons on the right will let you save or print the file. 


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