Monday, March 9, 2015

Jesus, Matthew, and Heaven

Quick follow-up to something I mentioned in yesterday's message. I stated that I didn't believe Jesus ever used the word "heaven" in Matthew to describe the place where we go when we die, and that our future is always described as the Kingdom of Heaven (which is on earth).

Looks like I was basically correct, but wrong at the same time. Jesus did use the word "heaven" without the word "kingdom," (against my on-the-spot memory) quite a few times, but never to describe our eternal destination.

In Matthew Jesus refers to heaven without also mentioning the kingdom around 40 times. From His usage in Matthew, heaven is a) the place where God dwells, b) the place where the angels live, and c) the location of our eternal bank ("store up treasures in heaven" and stuff like that), and d) a general word corresponding to "up" or "sky."

The word is used similarly in the other Gospels, with John frequently referring to the fact that Jesus came down from heaven.

The whole message, which will explain why I brought it up in the first place, is here.

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