Monday, March 23, 2015

World Praying

Sunday, I mentioned some tools to help us do a better job praying for the Church throughout the world, and here they are. (Now that's how you write a blog opening.)
Operation World. I've linked the prayer calendar here, but there are lots of other resources if you want to surf the site. (Do we still surf web sites, or is that term outdated?) Also, if you click on one of the dates, you will get a lot of data. (And I mean A LOT.) If you don't want to geek out on all the data, scroll down to the Challenges for Prayer section. You can also purchase their book that takes you on an annual world tour of basically every nation, helping you understand the state of faith in that nation and giving prayer direction. The book changed my life.
Voice of the Martyrs. If you want gripping stories about what individual Christians are enduring throughout the world, this is your source. There is a monthly newsletter and ways to actually get involved to help as well.
Release International. More focused on groups than individuals, Release has a Daily Prayer Shield (that's where the link goes), as well as a lot of additional resources.
Open Doors USA. Their prayer calendar (linked) is a world tour of Church persecution--and victory. Among their resources are opportunities to travel overseas to provide assistance.
Window on the World. Angie Jones sent me this link to a book that helps you get your kids involved in praying for the world.
PrayerMate. This is the prayer app that I use. It's available on all three major platforms, and among it's cool features is the ability to subscribe to updates from quite a few mission groups, including Operation World, Release International and Open Doors USA. Even if you don't want to use the app for anything else, the daily prayer subscriptions make it worthwhile. And it's totally free.
Tags. One other thing I mentioned yesterday is, as you're getting dressed, read the label on the clothes and pray for the nation where your garments were made. Ten seconds of doing this can get your day started off thinking in a world-wide context.
And if you'd like to listen to the entire message from yesterday, it's here.
Have you found any other sources to help you do a better job praying for the world?

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