Monday, March 9, 2015

Worth the Trouble?

In his blog today, Seth Godin nails one of the reasons I think our church has grown while others have not. Our people truly believe our mission is so important we do things that many others think aren't worth the trouble. 

We sweat the small stuff. We greet people in the parking lot. We give first-time guests guided tours. We spend as much (actually more) energy on the kids on Sunday morning as we do the adults. Our keyboardist spends so much time getting her part right for one song that her family starts to hate that song. (True story from this Sunday.) The list just keeps going. 

As Seth puts it, "Seeking out the things that are more trouble than most people think they're worth is a powerful place to be."

And if, like us, you really believe the things we do for God are the most important things in the world, then doing the things other people think aren't worth the trouble is definitely worth it. 

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