Friday, April 17, 2015


Once upon a time, I wrote a daily devotion and emailed it out to a couple hundred people or so. Some of them actually liked it and were less-than-happy when I got too busy to continue. We called the daily readings "The LightSwitch."
A couple years ago, I got a team together and we edited about six-months-worth of LightSwitches into a book that I e-published as Transform(180). Sold a few copies.
Yesterday on a whim, I corrected a couple mistakes readers had discovered and re-published it. I even lowered the price to $2.99.
If you're curious what they were like, I'll reprint one below. And if you'd like to get a copy for your Kindle Reader, here's the link.

An Ordinary Day

Focus Text: 1 Samuel 17:12-22

Key Verse:  Jesse said to his son David, “Take this ephah of roasted grain and these ten loaves of bread for your brothers and hurry to their camp.” (17)

David never set out to kill a giant. 
He wasn’t even doing anything special. He was taking groceries to his brothers. Oh sure, it promised to be exciting. He might get to watch a battle (and what teenage boy wouldn’t find that cool--especially at a time when, instead of television, they watched sheep?)
But that was it. No plans for anything special. Just an ordinary teen running an ordinary errand—at least ordinary for 1000 B.C.
So, David left for his ordinary trip, but God had something extraordinary planned. And soon all the Israelites would know the name of the man God had anointed to be the next king. 
Now fast forward a millennia or so. An ordinary girl in an ordinary town living an ordinary life. But God had something else planned. And Mary went from ordinary girl to extraordinary mother-to-be in a matter of seconds.
Okay, fast forward another couple millennia, to twenty-first century America. An ordinary person just like you. Matter of fact, let’s just say it is you.
Of course, God could never use you to do anything extraordinary. I mean, just like me, you’re an ordinary person going about your ordinary life. Maybe even an ordinary, boring life.
But don’t get complacent. Keep your eyes open. Never doubt that God is capable of doing something extraordinary through you as you go about your ordinary life.
Even if you never set out to kill a giant.

[Father, help me to keep my eyes open to whatever you want to do through me today. Use me in any way you please, to accomplish whatever you desire.]

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