Monday, July 25, 2016


Is God in control or not?

That’s really the question.

Every time I read someone’s explanation of why I must choose between two immensely flawed candidates, there is an underlying assumption. If we vote wrong, God loses. God cannot possibly overcome the wrong person being elected to the White House.

New justices will be nominated to the Supreme Court, important laws about religious liberty may be passed. This is a crucial time in our nation’s history.*

Therefore, I must compromise. I must support a person who stands against almost everything I stand for.

Well, I think God is bigger than one election. I think His principles and standards are eternal, and not to be ignored in the name of pragmatism or expediency. My job is not to make sure the government of the United States moves in a certain direction. My calling is to help people see Jesus and move toward Him. And I don’t see how I can attract people to God while denying His nature.

Come January 2017, another new individual will be sworn in as temporary President of the United States. But the same God will still be on the throne of the universe, and His Kingdom will stand.

It seems to me that denying that reality when I step into the voting booth is just me proclaiming loudly that I don’t really believe God is in control.

* When was the last time we weren't being told "this election is crucial?"

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