Saturday, December 17, 2016

Last-Minute Christmas Gifts--or Good Reads for the New Year.

Not sure how it's happened, but I've managed to put out three books in the last three years, and four total. Each taps into a different component of faith, and each can be helpful for a Christian's faith development.

First Time Through. The most recent book. If you've tried and failed to read the Bible through, are ready to try for the first time, or if you're looking to get the most out of this read-through, this could be the book. A guide, a schedule, even a journal in the paperback version, this book could help take your Bible reading to a whole new level in 2017.

Faith: In Your Own Handwriting. God's not looking to make photocopied followers. Each of is designed to be a unique masterpiece. This book is designed to introduce the faith and help you write your faith in your own handwriting.

Transform(180). Six months worth of daily readings designed to challenge and grow your faith. (Only available in ebook.)

Evolving: My Journey to Reconcile Science and Faith. Pretty much what the title says, but be forewarned. I ruffle a few feathers with my conclusions, and it gets pretty technical from time to time. (I was studying engineering before I went into ministry.) (Also only available in ebook.)

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