Monday, January 16, 2017

Week Four

If you like good stories, you'll love this week. It might even be a good week to set aside a little extra time, grab a comfortable chair, and knock out a few days at once to really get into the flow. This is also a good chance to notice how the Bible tells the embarrassing parts of people's stories alongside the moments they were proud of.

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Tim Johnson said...

In Genesis 31:47 we get the impression that Jacob and his Uncle Laban speak different languages Aramaic and Hebrew. Do you think the 100 years or more of separation since Abraham left is enough to cause this shift?

Steve Davis said...

Languages often change over less distance than that. In what is now Germany in the early 1800's people from one village often couldn't communicate with the next village over, while there was great diversity between London and the towns just north or south.