Monday, January 9, 2017

Week Two

Back to the beginning. 

The primary purpose of Genesis chapter one is to magnify the glory of God. As you read these first chapters, focus on how big a God we must be serving if He's able to accomplish the things being described--and how much He must love us to put up with all the foolishness that follows those majestic first verses.
And later in the week, don't miss the echoes of Genesis chapter one found in the first chapter of John.

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Tim Johnson said...

John 1:51 Staiway to Heaven = song about Jesus?

Cindy Osborn said...

I've always wondered why it was not recorded where Cain's wife came from. Ideas? Facts?

Steve Davis said...

lots of ideas, not many Biblical facts. A lot of it comes down to how a person views Genesis 1-2. (I know, a non-answer. You're welcome.)

Tim Johnson said...

Week three comment - which scriptures foretold Judas? John 17:12

Steve Davis said...

Week three is up if you want to post this there.