Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Week Five

Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob are pretty famous. But this week we'll meet the guy who, aside from Jesus, is probably the best known person in the Bible. Say hello to Moses. And again, notice how the Bible isn't afraid to paint an unflattering portrait of him from time to time, even though he is the one who composed the book.

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Steve Davis said...

A Couple Thoughts

Tim Johnson said...

Ex 10;21 "Darkness so thick you can feel it". Wonder if this was like a fog or what?

Steve Davis said...

I wonder about that myself. Possibly a metaphor, but some sort of fog would better explain how it could be in parts of Egypt, but not Goshen.

Melissa Valentino said...

I always loved this story (my sister and I loved the Prince of Egypt movie) but reading it this time was really awesome.
Moses being human and sinful (Ex 2:12) yet he could be used for God's greater plan and even when he doubted God's use for him (Ex 3:11 and many other examples) this is a great example that God is greater than our faults.
This time through I really honed in on Ex 10:1-2 where God explains that He intentionally hardened Pharaoh's heart so that He may be even more glorified. This story shows so many dynamics of God from His harsh punishments and ultimate power to His patience and kindness to His servant. Just another reminder, "A God you can understand is not a God."